“Do you believe in love?”

“Do you believe in love?” He asked me.

Do i? Why is he even asking this? Is this one of those leading questions that lead to i am single and you are single so lets just? Because if thats the case no thank you. Or maybe its a simple question just for conversation’s sake. Yea i believe in love actually, because of Ave. She is the most loving person i know, i almost envy her. Almost. This makes me think about that day at the airport, the tears she shed for Muku when he came to bid her farewell. You would think she is going forever but oh well. She kept obsessing about how she already missed him all the way to Bombay. The first week was painful to watch, they would spend each and every free minute of theirs texting, chatting and whatsapp calling with each other it was soo annoying and sweet. “Oh God i miss him and i love him.” Then this one time she happened to want directions to the Western Union she met Patel, a nice handsome Indian fellow who happened to take it upon himself to see her there. A dinner date later and a movie something seemed to be sparking between them. She would obsess about arranged marriages and what would happen if his mother arranged someone else for him, an indian girl, yet she loved him…




She was fighting this lost cause when she met her next prey about two weeks later. Yes a chocolate brother this time, not necessarily Zimbabwean. Rwandese he was, fine guy fine anyhow!! Edible. Hookahs were passed, numbers were exchanged and flirting was experienced. One or two dates later chikitsi was given as a token of appreciation and to appease the gods for making such a mouth watering person. He said he didnt want to be fuckbuddies only, he was ready for a relationship not games. What girl doesnt want to hear that? She bought whatever he was selling, hung on to everything he was saying and even moved into the same apartment building as him only 3 floors lower for control. He kept making excuses from seiing her because he was “studying”. Mmhh. Ave kept on making excuses for him until one day a friend mentioned in passing how he has got a girl and what note. “How could he do this to me, i love him.” It barely has been a week but…. like i said she is the most loving person i know. How can i not believe in love with the likes of Ave roaming in my life? She is the ultimate lover of all mankind, ready to scatter her love everywere and to sow…

“Tatenda?” He jolts me back to reality. “I asked you if you believe in love.”

Lol i can’t believe i been so gone all this while, lol how can i be so caught up in my mind that i forget i am speaking to someone. I must stop smoking God’s plants please. He must think that i am….here i go again.

I snap out of it, “Yes, ofcourse i do. Its just not for me. Not now anyway.”I smile and take another pull, this is the plant that the Lord has made, i will rejoice and be glad in it.


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