Whose babies are these anyway? (2)

You can read whose babies are these anyway 1 here!

I am pissed.

What do men want really? I cook, i clean, i wash, i take care of my babies and on top of that i work my ass off to feed my family because my husband is unemployed. I am unable to produce sufficient breast milk for the twins so i have to give them formula. During the day i leave then in care of Jonathan, or so i thought. I recently discovered that he takes them to his college girlfriend to babysit while doing God knows what.

What pisses me off the most is that i am doing the best i can to keep a plate on our table, i feed my family , i take care of the bills and instead of him being grateful not only does he drive around with this girl in the car that i bought it, he exposes my kids to this girl? They are young yes but shouldn’t he be ashamed of his actions? According to my young cousin who learns at this college this girl is the one who is buying all the formula and the diapers i have been praising Jonathan for buying. Does she think i am incapable of taking care of my own children? What does he tell her about me, i wonder? That i am a useless bitch who doesn’t know how to take care of her own family? That he is single? But that does not explain the fresh babies he drives around with. Most men lie that they are separated from their wives but is she dumb enough to just be believing a man without doing proper research? She looks like she is smart, oh yes i have seen her photos on Facebook. I know how she looks like, i know she is doing some fancy degree and i know were she stays i have done my proper research.

I am pissed because now i am starting to feel like i am not good enough. I am beautiful, i own a small successful cosmetic business, i have given him beautiful twins. I am solely responsible for the developments of this family and until now i did not see anything wrong with our arrangement. I did not force him to be a stay at home dad, he offered since he was unable to secure a job anyway. Did i emasculate him? No, we are a team everything i own he owns as well. But i can’t help feeling like i did something wrong even though i know i haven’t done so. I am tired. I am drained mentally ever since my cousin told me about it last week i have thought of nothing but how did i come into this situation.

I am pissed because yes i know men cheat but never had i thought that mine would too. I am pissed because i do not know how i can even begin to confront him and even if i did how would the outcome benefit anyone? If he admits to it then what? Do i just forgive him and hope he will leave her or do i leave him and raise the handful as a single mom? Which lets face it i am not ready to do, i am ashamed the church people have a certain way of looking at single women filthy as if i was unable to keep a husband.If he denies i won’t believe him because i have seen the picture the bimbo posted on Facebook with my twins on it captioned “my babies” bitter laugh. Your babies huh, she thinks she knows how to take care of children just by babysitting for a few hours? Does she know how i had to stay in and out of the hospitals when they were sick, how i was told having babies was a risk with the way my health is set up but i went and had them anyway and she claims them as hers. You know what? Fuck society, fuck it all, fuck everything this bitch wants it all huh?

I know what i must do!


2 thoughts on “Whose babies are these anyway? (2)

  1. Scaaaaandalous!!! I haven’t finished reading, but I just had to comment that. I’m that type of person who comments during a movie…
    Okay, lemme continue…

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