Nuts about nuts

I had never had a coconut, but well i had the liberty of tasting one quite recently. Horrible! I mean the amount of energy i used to remove its extra hairs, take out the droplets of coconut water, break the shell only to get to the flesh and it wasn’t what i anticipated ha! 

I did learn a thing or two tho in the process. One of them was i am more patient than i thought I was. I mean i had a whole set goal, the nut (i am nuts about nuts but thats a story for another day). I have recently started ising coconut oil in my cooking and while it was nice at first just imagine your stew smelling like tennis biscuits. Very unbecoming. I appreciate the benefits it has on the skin, the kilojoules etc but lets face it coconuts suck! There i said it.

 Now i was wondering why i just started writing about coconuts after taking a whole amount of time off, i think i now know the reason why. That is my unpopular opinion, thank you for listening 😊. God bless you