How i have changed in the past two years…

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Change. I have to admit i am one of those people who are really scared of it. I like to think of myself as spontaneous and all that but it is usually within my reach, i don’t do well with drastic change. I like routine, i like knowing exactly what is happening and i like things to stay put. Looking back two years ago (powered by this post) i realise that i have gone through a whole lot of changes than i cared to notice. 2015 was another life man you have no idea, let me break down the changes for you:

2015 was my year of alcohol, i drank, all i did was drank. I drank it all. I went out with my friends, i travelled around my country. I was working at that time and my salary was just for alcohol, travel and food. Those were good times. Now, i rarely drink and its probably because i moved to India in dry state were you can’t just walk up to a shop and buy alcohol. There are no clubs (in this state) therefore we buy alcohol and just do drink ups at home or in the car and what’s the fun in that huh? 2017 i have labelled as the year of fitness. As we know alcohol and fitness are not the best of friends so we drink in moderation. Oh also i think i have droped 20kgs from the 2015 me yea b snatch that im all kinds of yummy now. Literally a snack 😂🙈

Another change i have undergone is i am celibate now. Those who know me know that i am a very sexually liberal person and i am not shy with details. But somehow this year i found myself being more stingy with myself (ndega ndonaka). I just find it hard for me to give away the most part of myself to just anyone njee not that that is what i used to do. See, i am a one flavour kind of girl if you are my chocolate chip ima chow you into oblivion, you wont ever see me in the strawberry aisle. Its hard to jump from one partner to the other after falling out so i decided to date without the sex. Oh yes you guessed it niggas are so not down for that, so thats probably it im the fine line between celibacy and drought. Oh i have also noticed that if i haven’t done the deed i move on faster than the flash. Issa bonus. In 2015 i was in a “serious”relationship 😊….

In 2015 i was at a dead end job, a british claims call centre, with no idea what my next step was. I barely thought about it. I was content, probably because i was grateful to actually have a job at all. However i am happy to report that 2017 sees me a focused young woman pursing a public health career praise God halleluyah.

2017 has seen me getting real close with my mom, back then i would forget to text her. But with the distance between us the heart has grown fonder. I see her clearly now, she is made from nothing but pure gold 😍

My hair has gone through changes as well, i now keep my hair natural no weaves no braids no dreadlocks just my uncombed blonde hair. Whoever lied to me than i can rock any hairstyle and still queen did yall a disservice.

That’s it till the next post 😉


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