I don’t know what i want to write

I want to write. Today i wanted to write, well that was my main aim anyway but i literally had nothing to write about. I am totally blank. Empty vessel i would like to call myself moving forward. I would love to attribute all of this to writer's block but issa lot, its more than that. I realise that i am simply unable to get my creative juice flowing if i am happy, i have to be sad or angry or depressed for me write something decent. How is that life? For me to be a creative i have to be in a dark place? How is that life??? I have noticed that is the case with my painting too, i never pull out my paint box if all is well in my world. In fact i don't think i have painted at all this year and the number of blogs i have published and the quality is bleh.

Is it because i mostly write true stories?

Should i focus mostly on creating sad fiction maybe?

Would that work?

How do i become a happy creative?

Why are my imaginary friends refusing to talk to me?

How do i channel dark me to be productive?

Were do i draw inspiration from?

HELP ME!!!!!!!


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