Bridesmaid Chronicles (7)

Chipo’s bridesmaids Group:

Cynthia: D-Day is almost here, what time are we meeting to go check out the venue?

Paida: Sister Maria just come to my place and we will go together

Andile: Ladies

Dresses tick

Hair tick

Nails tick

Anything else?

Christine: Some shots before we go to the venue lol

Chipo: * Typing*

Christine: Chipo are you ready for the big day?

Chipo: After what you did at the party, if you take shots today I will have drunk bridesmaids walking down the aisle tomorrow lol. The day is here * dancing*

Christine: lol we will see about that, see you all just now

Andile :Oh my did you see Cy? We have turned sister Maria into a monster mamacitas

Chipo: Paida you missed out hey Cy was on fire. Ladies gotta go ,you know dem aunties last minute talks. See you soon xoxo

Christine :okay mamie  see you soon

Cynthia : lol guys. Paida I am coming over  now

The party had been epic, after Chipo had been given the lowdown on being a good wife and I even took down some notes for future use

1. Shave it all. We don’t need to see a Tarzan walking around . I felt like howling when they said this, do these ladies know the pain you feel when you bump into something after giving your cookie a treat.

2. Keep him full. A hungry man is an angry man, lol @keeping him full do they understand what they truly want these peeps?

3. Don’t be a log, remember what you come for.  This made me realise terms and conditions apply, there is blueprint to this marriage thingy.

4. Communicate and always keep your house smart. The inner rebel in me sipped some tea as they shared how you need to do all the chores what about hubby dearest, when I am tired can’t he cook also ?

After the “Good Wife” lecture, we waited for the grannies and aunties to leave so we could head to Pariah State to tick off things on Chipo’s dare list.

Who run the world girls , who run the world girls, who run this mother f………” played in the background

Now ladies it’s time to dare, dare to be great, first up Chips needs to down a shot of tequila

“ Tequila tequila , tequila,”, we screamed as Chips downed the tequila.

“Next up dance with a stranger and a kiss”, Christine read out the second dare

“Amaihwe I need a drink”, Cynthia retorted, after all she is Sister Maria who loves to stay on the safe side but she wanted to drink. Chipo manoeuvred her way to a guy who had been standing alone at the bar and asked to dance with him, luckily he was up for the challenge and even gave him a peck. We later joined her on the dance floor and oh boy we danced and drank like thirsty fish until it was time to go home.

Ping little pong who is sober amongst all”, Christine asked as we got into the car

“Sister Maria on the rescue, ready for takeoff. Ladies fasten your seatbelt, we should be landing at Chipo’s residence in a few minutes to come”, Cynthia shouted as we sped off to Chipo’s house

When we arrived at her house and settled down, we had surprised   Chips with some presents

Mamacitas what is this? “ , Chipo commented as she opened  Christine’s present to find a pack of blindfolds.

“Mamie for those days when you want to unleash the dragon in you, unleash it “, Christine replied

“ And this aprons for when you are cooking but always remember they are transparent for a reason, wear nothing underneath”, Andile said as she gave Chips who could not contain herself with laughter.

“I bought this set for you but it looks like little threads but the lady in the shop highly recommended it ”, Cynthia said as she presented Chips with a  black lacy number.

As we turned in for the night, an elephant still hung around in the room, where was Paida? She had said she was sick but still…..


All roads lead to Meikles hotel for the final rehearsal and I am pretty anxious to see Tendai .I have chosen to ignore his messages and calls, yes it was mind blowing but he is getting married – to my friend for that matter. Let the sleeping dogs lie or I will wake up with an egg on my face, I need to contain these feelings and store them away. Have you ever loved someone and would risk it all for them but you know it will be seen as wrong? I need to play some music to wash this pain away…

You give me love love , crazy love, you give me love love love crazy love” plays gently but is interrupted by a soft tap on my door. It must be Sister Maria, I tell myself as I walk to the door. I open the door and I see him, red sullen eyes and shaking:

Why are you doing this Paida, you not picking up my calls  and messages  why?”

“You know why, you want me to be dubbed a home wrecker and be number 1 sworn enemy by Chipo”

“I want you Paida get this and I have been thinking I want to call my uncle, I no longer want to marry Chipo, I am done lying about who I truly love”

Hold your horses Tendai, life is never fair deal with it, you chose Chipo that’s your choice. You shall have to live with it” , I yell at him as I walk back into my lounge.

“ I will declare my love for you again, I love you and I will quit  just say you will stand with me love?”

Someone clears their throat in the kitchen and we both turn our heads to face Cynthia who must have heard Tendai profess his love for me. Shucks shucks shucks what have we done? We just gaze at each other for  a split second in shock then Tendai quickly mumbles something as he walks hurriedly to the door. As soon as he slams the door, I greet Cynthia and quickly pack my overnight bag. The awkward silence between us just lasts for a short while before we drive off to Meikles for the rehearsal. Lucky for me she does not refer to the earlier incidence, maybe she did not hear anything after all. Yea right!

When we arrive at the hotel and we quickly   head to the roof top where the ceremony will take place and we find everyone is present except Tendai. Aripi nhai?

The rehearsal begins and we pair up with our partners to walk down the aisle. My partner is a laid back simple guy, Tendai’s uncle, young and attractive but he doesn’t move me at all. After we finish our practice, we go check out the décor in the Steward Hall. The hall breathes of opulence and class, the  rustic theme is really nice. I love the burgundy and white flowers that will be the centre pieces, the décor guy has surely outdone himself. We gather around to pray before we leave, I think we all need this prayer because Tendai is still not here. We all bid each other  goodbyes  and head for Chipo’s house.


I can’t believe that tomorrow I will walk down the aisle and marry the love of my life. Love of my life? I scoff. I mean Tendai is an okay guy, perhaps someone i can love over time. However,this is a means to an end. This had to be done so that i cannot embarrass my mother. I can almost hear her dotting on about how the Mother’s Union from church will finally put some respect on her name after this. This has to be done so my child can grow up in a loving family and Tendai will surely provide that sort of environment. This has to be done so i can forget that Nigerian monster who has me twisted even though he has a wife. As for love of my life? Are we faking it till we make it? Maybe, all i know is it simply has to be done. I need to read my vows once I finish eating supper. I reflect on his absence, what could have happened to Tendai?


Bae calling

“ Babe”

“ Honey sorry for not coming to rehersal, can you come out we need to talk?”

“ Love I was worried about you, you know though that it’s bad luck to see the bride before the wedding day”

“hahahaha but I was going to see you at rehearsal though, I really need to talk to you”

“ Okay let me know when you are by the gate”

I hang up and I dash to my bedroom where my bridesmaids are chilling.They are busy fitting their shoes and my aunties are singing “Makorokoto” .It is here I am finally getting married tomorrow, I freshen up and wait patiently for  Tendai.

“ Babe I am here”

“ OK coming honey”

I smile as I walk towards his car but my heart is pounding . I must really like this guy after all….

Written by:

Melody Chingwaru

Tatenda Diura


Bridesmaid Chronicles (6)

Its almost the weekend and i have taken a day off because Thursdays are just weekend lite and/or i was supposed to go to Chipo’s bridal party. I have exempted myself from the function for the following reasons:

a) It is just an excuse for the elderly women to wear bum shorts and teach you how to submit and please your man in bed as if you haven’t been doing that all this while without their help. I would be triggered! Besides who is teaching men how to please us after marriage? Yep, nobody!

b) I would like to rest my pocket. Nobody told me that weddings were expensive and with Chipo’s expensive taste tanzwa veduwe. Everyday its always about how much money we need to contribute for the dresses, the shoes, the make-up artist, the morning gowns, the…ah. And would i dare complain? Everyone starts saying but Paida you work in a bank as if when people deposit money it automatically becomes mine. Thank God in two days it will be over! And

c) Ever since i dropped Chipo off for her shenanigans with Tom i have been feeling quite heavy. We didn’t have a discussion about what happened because whenever we meet others are there and i am not a snitch but isn’t it kind of obvious though? And she has been avoiding talking to me directly ever since so i just let her be, she must stew in it!

That being said i called her and told her that i am not feeling well and may have caught a bug therefore i am not able to attend the kitchen party. I swear i heard a sigh of relief from the other end of the phone or i may be imagining things. Possibly. I take off my work wig, kick off my heels and pour myself a glass of sweet lips while listening to old school jams. My bottle is half down when i hear a knock on my door. I ignore at first because there is barely privacy at this complex, it could be vendors selling their wares, it could be the neighbours telling me to keep it down, it could be one unwanted visitor or the other so I’ll just sit here until they give up. I giggle. The wine must be taking its toll on me. Two minutes later the knock is still persistent. I pick up my glass and walk steadily to the door ready to tell whoever is on the other side off. I open..

And there he is.

Not the vendor i expected to see. Not the neighbour i expected to tell off and not the unwanted visitor either. He is quite the opposite of unwanted. Wanted.

“Are you going to let me in Paida?” He says in that crisp voice which still gives me the shivers.

“Ofcourse, this is quite unexpected come on in” i beckon him to step in and he goes for a hug, this guy.

He smells wonderful, just like i remember only more expensive taste.

“Chipo told me you were not joining them because you were not feeling well and i decided to pop by. Here i brought you your favourite sherry Montello Jerèpego.”

“Oh my God thank you, let me just put it in the kitchen before i break it.”

I need a breather. Pop by? We don’t do that! We last did that a long while ago after college and we only hang out in public places. It is sweet though that he remembered my favourite sherry. We used to drink that a lot back then when…

I return back to him and hand him a beer bottle which has been in my fridge since forever, i hope beers do not expire. There is a bit of awkward silence in the beginning but it wears off gradually as we continue to drink and listen to old school tunes. We laugh about how we used to dance to Outkast’s Hey Ya, rap to No diggity and sing along to that profane sir mix-a-lot song.

“Honestly I’m kind of relieved that you are feeling well, i know Chipo can be a lot to take in sometimes.” Tendai starts.

“But you are marrying her though,” i say before i could stop myself

He doesn’t answer immediately as he pours us the sherry. I quickly change the subject.

“Do you remember Sandra from our class?”

“Yes i am but over the past days i have been thinking what if i wasn’t,” i look at him puzzled.

“What if i wasn’t marrying her? What if i was marrying someone else? Someone i have a history with, someone i enjoy being with, someone who doesn’t make me feel like an extra in the movie of my own life? Someone who respects me and relates to me just like i do them? Huh? What if?” I look in his eyes, i fully comprehend what he is saying but i want him to say it. I need him to say it.

“What if i had not kissed her back in college during that stupid game, what if i had kissed you Paida. I know i wanted to. I still want to…”

I do not hear the end if that statement as the speech is muffled with our kissing sounds. My mind is reeling as i kiss him back but i still cant fight this, it is the exact thing i have always wanted. He lifts me up gently but firmly and walks to my bed where he lays me and removes my clothes in one go. He starts to undress himself but it seems to be trying his patience so he just half unbuttons his shirt, opens his zipper and……


I must have passed out because when i wake up it is pretty late. Last night’s events come to flood my brain, and when i open my eyes there he is sleeping like a baby on the left side of my bed. I don’t know how to feel, i am neither happy nor sad. Why now? Why must he tell me he has always felt the same now? What must i do with this information? It does not erase the fact he is traditionally married to another person. He is married to one of my best friends! Well one of my best friends who slept with another man a few weeks ago but that is their business. Come to think of it they deserve each other and i will not be a pawn in their silly game, i simply will not have it. I do not want any part of it but the least i can do now is make this man breakfast because he is obviously starving then send him back to his wife.

Written by:

Melody Chingwaru

Tatenda Diura

Bridesmaid Chronicles (5)

They say once you go Nigerian you never go back, it should be the cassava or is it the banana?

Money fall on you/ Banana fall on you/ Prada fall on you oh/ Cause I am in love with you, I sing along to Davido as it plays in the car.It’s true the music is clear when you are drunk. I only drank a few !Okay okay it was a bit too much but once Paida drops me off, I  will sober up when I talk to  Tom. I need to tell him that he is the…….. He needs to know this before I walk down the aisle and say my vows to Tendai. It has been a  helluva rollercoaster ride but I think it is time to confess.Paida should be angry or bored AF that she always has  to accompany  me when I shoot my small movies. She takes the final turn to Tom’s house  and yes my heart cannot stop beating. I want to see him!!!

“Hello how may I help you”

“ Its Paida , Chipo  wants to see you”

“Oh okay I see”

The gate slowly slides open and I feel weak. We drive through and   we find Tom standing looking all calm and collected. He opens the door for me and I wobble out of the car, shots are not for the weak. He thanks  Paida for bringing me ,oh well Paida isn’t paying much attention as she is giving me that stare to tell me not to do anything stupid. She slowly drives away and as the gate slides open for her to leave I stare at Tom ,oh my he is still hot.We walk into his house; opulence, class, simplicity, clean are some of the words that pop up in my head if I were to describe his house.I walk through to his lounge and I sit on his big couch,if walls could talk they would probably share what we used to do on this very couch.

Can I get you something to drink? You look like you could do with some water”

“ No, we need to talk”, I reply   . Those are the worst words any guy ever wants to hear, I bet their heads spin when they hear these words but he is not flinching. Maybe not yet!

I clear my throat and I look at him right through those eyes.I can’t control myself as I dart my eyes outlining his nose, those lips , his neck and his chest. Chipo focus focus focus. FOCUS!!!!

“Okay Tom the news is I am pregnant”

“And you came to tell me that so i can congratulate you and your little boyfriend?Tell me now what should I do with that info”

“ Oh you have got some nerve to ask what you should do, you know what you are just being you,selfish egoistic uncaring Tom”

“What do you want  me to say or should I ask who is the father?”

“ Tom they should have called you a prick,” I say slowly as tears flow down my cheeks .

It was a bad idea to come here ,I tell myself. Even if i do tell him what will he do with that information, he is married and so am i (traditionaly). But there is a part of me which wishes it was to him. He reaches out and takes me in his arms, I clasp my fists and beat his chest as I sob. Guess that’s the closure the release I needed. He allows me to sob and lifts my chin. He slowly wipes my tears and kisses me slowly. Kisses are everything , his kisses to be specific his kisses are heavenly, knee weakening and hit the spot.  He unzips my dress and tries to unclasp my bra .Somethings never change he still cannot unclasp a bra. The games have began and I will ride the wave to get my Olympic gold medal. The sun always rises slowly and looks crispy from the balcony and I feel him draw me closer to him. Tom Tom Tom  , I smile as I repeat his name in my head, he wore me out and I seriously need to be out of his bed before people start looking for me. I need him to release me so I rush home and get my act together, I am getting married. It’s time up; I remove his hand and slowly   leave his bed. I tiptoe looking for my dress and heels. Vibration, my phone is vibrating…,

Bae calling

1 Missed Call

I will let it ring off and will call him later.I put my dress on and before I can put my heels on, Tom hugs me from behind. Dear Father forgive me for I am a sinner, I know I have  done many bad things but mmmh this temptation is hard to resist!!!! I mumble my silent prayer for the day as I pull away from that fuzzy feeling hug.He knows which buttons to press,Tom is one of a kind if only he was not …….


25 unread messages

I open my messages and Bae’s messages are literally screaming.

Bae: Where are you ? i am trying to call you but you not picking up

Bae: Baby please let me know if you are okay

Bae: Okay just wanted to tell you that we have a wedding meeting  today at 1pm at my place. Tell your girls too.

Bae: Babe hello

Opens up Chipo’s bridesmaids messages

Paida: Hangover cure anyone?

Andile : Where is  Chipo ?

Christine: She is being served some breakfast maybe LoL. Get a man,I thought being a doctor you always see hunks!!

Chipo: I am here and no spilling the beans yet. Wedding meeting Mamacitas at 1pm today and you will get to meet the guys too, singletons please do your  thang!

Cynthia: Hello ladies long time .See you at 1

Christine  : Sisi Maria emerges from hibernation. It’s going to be epic today .See you

The wedding galore begins, i mutter to myself and  I ask Tom to accompany me home. I walk to his car mentally checking if I didn’t forget anything in his house. I don’t think I will be coming back here. What’s left to be said between us?  We say our goodbyes and he promises he will call later. Whatever bruh!I guess this should be the end until we meet for the Utatakho episode.

Bridesmaid Chronicles (4)

It is becoming apparent that i am going to be the one to drive Chipo home. Andile is going back to the hospital something about being on call in the morning and its rather unfair to ask Christine to drive us all back again and its rather senseless to leave Chipo’s car here as well. I volunteer to drive her home, i like driving her car. One day i am going to own one like it only not in red, red is such a loud colour. The next round has me ordering water to slow down, Andile seems to be having a good time on the dance floor, she deserves it what with all the hours she put in that hospital. I wish i could join her but i am just rooted to the seat in between shots-downing Chipo and seemingly-mad Christine damn you Tom for ruining our night!!


Chipo met Tom on one of her trips to China to buy hair and shoes for sale. They hit it off over conversation when he realised that she wasn’t just your typical pretty with no brains kind of girl. They exchanged business tips over chilled wine on the way to Guangzhou. He explained that he was from Nigeria but was based in Zimbabwe because of the US $, he was not strikingly handsome but there was something about him that just oozed confidence and coitus. Before you know it Chipo found herself spending the rest of that week in his hotel room. She knew it was probably a one time thing but when she got back home she found herself thinking about him more than she intended to, the power of good dick is surely unmatched. Before you know it she granted him exclusivity, she moved out of her parents’ home to a garden flat which Tom paid for while he came and went as he pleased. He prohibited her from anymore of those trips to China unless he was going with her but instead gave her an office in one of his buildings which she turned into a rent-a-chair saloon after Christine had warned her about the dangers of waiting on a man to provide her allowance instead of investing on it. Everything went on smoothly for a while until Tom stopped showing up frequently and this is when Chipo reconnected with Tendai, my Tendai from college.

Tendai the boy i used to sit with in Business class in college, Tendai the boy who i had a huge crush on, he seemed to like me too but we had been friends for three whole years i guess the fact that if we didn’t work out we would jeopardise our friendship restrained us. So we would study together, share meals, debate about politics, watch movies together but never cross the line even though both of us resorted to dating no one either until that fateful day when Chipo had asked us to go with her to the Rotaract party. Chipo was my roomate in college, we weren’t keen about each other at first but we then grew on each other and i realised beneath her appearance as a mean girl she was actually quite nice. I remember my heart skipping a beat at that party when the bottle we were spinning had pointed at her and my Tendai and they kissed. I tried to think nothing about it in the days that followed but Tendai would not stop talking about how he had kissed one of the it-girls at school and apologising about it. I didn’t let him see that i was bothered by it such that when Chipo told me matter-of-factly that she intended to keep on kissing Tendai i encouraged her. So that was how it was, Chipo would seek Tendai whenever her boyfriends were stressing her just to make herself feel better and there was nothing i could do about it i could not compete with her. So years later even after college when Tom started being abusive she would run to Tendai, when she found out Tom was married she ran again to Tendai and she soon went back to Tom. It was always like that, she always went back to Tom until recently when Tom had beat her to the pulp then she had gone to Tendai and before you know it there were planning a wedding and had a bun in the oven. There was something fishy about it and i could not put my fingers on it, nor did i want to. Chipo was my friend and mine was to support her, Tendai was just a figment of my imagination in the past even though he still had the same effect on me now, his eyes, his kindness, his tallness, his….

“I think we should call it a night, it is nearly 3,” Christine brought me back to reality.

“Sure, i will get a cab to the hospital because if i go home i will not make it for the morning rounds,” groaned a perspiring Andile.

“No, Paida and I will drive you to the hospital, right Paida?” Chipo said.

“Right.” Like i could ever say no to her. If i had said no to her when she had suggested to kiss my college crush we wouldn’t be here would we? He probably wont be mine either but he wouldn’t so close yet so far away. I shut down the thoughts as i get behind Chipo’s wheels.

We drove in silence towards Baines, each to their own thoughts. We dropped Andile and i was about to head to Chipo’s home when she finally sat up from the back seat she was sleeping and said, “Take me to Northfields.”

“Northfields?” I asked fully knowing what was coming.

” Yes, i need to see Tom. I need to talk to him please, i need to know why he came to talk to me while we were at the club, clearly he still cares. If you don’t want to go with me i can drive myself.”

“Wow sis. Here we go again,” is all i manage to say as i drive towards Northfields flats were Tom stays. It is 4 am, i am tired and i would rather be at home, i know how this shall play out but i also know either way she is going to go with or without me so i have no choice than go with her. At least that is safer…

Written by:

Melody Chingwaru

Tatenda Diura

Bridesmaid Chronicles (3)

Its been a week since Chipo’s lobola and this is my only free weekend in which i intend to kick back and relax- indoors. I do not like weddings, I hate them, wait hate should be in bold capital letters HATE. I just think they are too long and often times sell dreams to people. Mmmmh but this will not be about me it’s all about Chipo and I can’t exactly say No to being a bridesmaid or maybe I can try get away with this one, share about work commitments and its pressures. Besides being a boutique owner in affluent shopping centres such as Sam Levy has its perks!!!

Chipo’s Bridesmaids (4unread messages)

Paida: Mammacitas when are we meeting for drinks to celebrate lol.*tongue out*

Andile: Yaaaa pretty please we need to catch up, i am off today and I am thirsty *naughty smile*

Chipo: You hunies  are going to be drunk on my wedding at this rate  lol

Christine: typing ( Mamie ……..delete ….sugar pie dues to work pressure I won’t be able to fulfil my bridesmaids duties sorry Chips mmmmh *press Enter*mmmh * press delete*

Chipo : Chrisitine is still typing lol whatsup lovie

Christine : oh nothing, I am game for drinks. @Andy mamie you are thirsty or THIRSTY

Andile: TBC when we meet up. Place?

Paida : Pablos, tonight?

Andile: Pablos sound okay . Everyone in favour of meeting at 7 at Pablos say aye

Chipo: aye

Paida : aye

Chrisitine : aye and Andile bring the sunglasses I left at your place .T for thanks

I knew I could not type it out, Chipo can be a diva sometimes and I fear her going all Russian roulette on me. Maybe not wanting to be bridesmaid is coming from not believing in these fairytales .Yes I am the Liberated Mistress, Chief Love Blocker of the group but would you blame me after what Ethan did to me. Besides i owed her, I am glad Chipo held me or else I would be wearing my orange jumpsuit at the moment. Friends like these. Flashbacks of that day a couple of years ago took over.

“Ethan buda imomo, open this door right now!! Busy lying heeee I am home when you are doing the nasty with some chic”,I  howled.

I kept knocking at the gents toilet door and still he was not coming out. I lay down in foetal position and cried as I realised it was over between us. After five years of commitment and bull sweet nothings I had  found him with another girl in an act of animated sex in a club toilet whereas he had said he was home. Whilst in the foetal position I felt a gentle hand and a soft spoken lady calming me down and offering to go leave me home.She had not left my bedside when we reached home and that was the beginning of our friendship with Chipo.Enough of the miserable stories I was in a happy place and intend to stay that way. Love doesn’t  pay…..

Beep beep

Paida calling

She probably needs a ride to Pablos, there goes my alone time. I like her though she is more grounded than the others and she doesn’t seem ecstatic about this wedding business either whatever her reason might be. We arrive at 7:15pm and as usual Andile is late and Chipo is fuming at us about how we never keep time. We mumble our apologies and thank her for ordering our drinks. She smiles but it does not reach her eyes. Can she relax, we are here for her, we are happy for her and we will be her servants until the wedding day.

Andile walks in with her hair flying all over the place and her outfit out of place as usual. She lacks fashion sense this one, i don’t blame her because half of the time she is confined to those hospital scrubs and ugly sneakers perks of being a medical doctor. If it wasn’t for the fact that she and Chipo are sisters there is no way in hell that they would be found hanging out together, there are total opposites. I look at Chipo waiting to hear her snap at Andile but something else has caught her eye. We follow her gaze and it lands on Tom, and he starts walking towards us. He greets us with that sheepish grin and we all ignore him except Andile whom we eye murderously. If looks could kill, he excuses himself and goes to join his friends at the deck. Chipo exhales sharply and orders 4 shots which she downs before we even attempt to drink them. Sensing tension all around Paida cracks a joke but that does not change the atmosphere. We order dirty martinis and Chipo orders four more shots, i need her to slow down or id be forced to take her home and she lives at the opposite end of town but she ignores all attempts to distract her.

This night is looking disastrous af.

Written by:

Melody Chingwaru

Tatenda Diura

Bridesmaid Chronicles (2)

I can’t believe he actually did it, paid Lobola for me. And i, Chipo, am going to be the first to be married of these peasants i call my friends. Who would have thought? I remember at University i was the queen of “ho is life” they also called me Slay Queen. If anybody had told me i was going to be married to Tendai one day i would laugh in their faces. Socially awkward, nerdy college guy Tendai was not at all my type, i was more of a richest guy in the room kind of girl. Had it not been that stupid spin the bottle all those years back he wouldn’t even would’ve gotten the chance to kiss me. And i swear i could have seen a frown on Paida’s face back then even though she had said she didn’t feel anything for him.
I wipe of the smirk from my face and look around to take in everything. I need to get home and start a to-do list and take care of the things before the wedding, which is one and a half months before this pregnancy starts to show. I seriously cannot wa…
“Chipo don’t just stand there go and help the others serve food!”
I turn around to face my mother who is shouting at me, i know deep down she is super proud. I don’t think she expected much from me considering both my elder sisters were single mothers and i was always the black sheep of the family and my baby sister is a workaholic who doesn’t even have time to date. So when i told her Tendai intended to marry she was pleasantly surprised. I was pleasantly surprised too had it not been for Tom this wouldn’t be happening. I push the thoughts of Tom far away and busy myself with catering for the guests.

Written by:

Melody Chingwaru

Tatenda Diura

Bridesmaid Chronicles (1)

“Dai pasina  Tendai wedu wainoroorwa gudo remugomo, mugomo here mugomo here”

The crowd kept on chanting as Chipo’s lobola negotiations had been finalised. Chipo could not hold her smile anymore, she was finally Mrs Mufambi.We gathered around to celebrate with her, Tendai had put a ring on it.

Beep beep!!! I look at my Whatsapp messages

Chipo created group “Chipos Bridesmaids”

Chipo added Christine

Chipo added Paida

Chipo added Cynthia

Chipo added Andile

Chipo : Welcome ladies ,at long last . Bridal dance rehersals are starting tomorrow

Christine : It’s a wedding

Andile : Pfee  finally

Me: Hello Beautiful Bride to Be

Cynthia : Paida we have waited for this from the beginning of time. See you tomorrow hunies.

I quickly glance at the time,I should probably go help the aunties serve our inlaws some food. I walk towards the cooking area but for some reason  i just feel that someone is looking at me.“Ndiani aronga kudai ndi Mwari vakanaka ,ndiani aronga  kudai ndiMwari vakanaka”, the aunties sing as they dish out food and they give me a tray to take to our  vakwasha.As I walk towards our vakwasha I reflect on how our friendship had began with Chipo, we had met at varsity and had been inseparable ever since,friends are like diamonds rare to find and Chipo was one such friend.Chipo was highly temperamental,loving nonetheless and had a weakness for tall men.

I kneel in front of the vakwasha  and our eyes meet with him .Yes him, I knew it was him who had been staring at me as I walked to the cooking area. Oh my where to begin!! Chocolate brown skin, deep voice and above all  tall that is Tendai for you. Tendai  was yummy yummy and every time I would see him with Chipo,my tummy would be in knots.

Ok snap! Back to reality come on Paida.I gently put the tray on the table and help the guys wash their hands.

“I did it Paida, your friend must be ectastic,” Tendai remarked.

His boys all join in to share their sentiments about the lobola negotiations but all I can hear is Tendai’s voice .He did it what? He is proud of himself for finally tying the knot, if only he knew.I smile politely and mumble some congratulatory message. I quickly need to go away and change my knickers,Tendai still has the same effect on me as during our varsity years.

“Boys catch you later .Will come collect the tray soon”, I remark as I stand up to leave

Beep Beep

I look at my phone

Ten: I love the look.That headwrap suits you.


I look at him and shake my heard.

Story by:

Melody Chingwaru

Tatenda Diura